The Poet

Marina Davies lives in the ethereal beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where fog-shrouded mountains and diamond-bright lakes crown the countryside. Disabled since 2007, she struggles with multiple chronic illnesses that take a severe toll on her health, functionality, and emotional well-being. 

Yet above all else, she is someone who strives to find beauty in all things, and to create beauty in turn through artistic expression. On her better days, she loves exploring ghost towns and forgotten rural roads, and can most often be found with camera and pen in hand to capture anything that speaks to her heart.

The Poetry

In May 2022, a single bad step jarred Marina's pelvis out of alignment and put severe strain on muscles already weakened from prior injuries. Two months later, a second injury occurred, reversing the healing process almost to the beginning. 

To fend off the depression of being bedridden for several more months, a friend suggested posting daily photos of the small, limited world within her grasp with a single line about how she felt or something that had happened that day.

Marina decided to take the idea a step farther and turn the photos into tiny, linked poems... and thus the Star-Shaped Scar project was born. Each photo shows part of the ceiling she gazes at from her bed day after day. Years ago, a previous homeowner glued glow-in-the-dark stars onto the ceiling, and the outlines of those stars still remain embossed onto the plaster. Scars in a sense, but lovely ones, the perfect metaphor for a life that is broken but not beyond hope. Some of the poems are sad, others wistful, but all are a reflection of Marina's inner world during this journey of healing.

All text and images © Marina Davies 2022